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Nature Reserve


Fulbourn Nature Reserve - In order to protect and improve the wildlife value of the Reserve, the Wildlife Trust is re-enforcing the rules concerning dogs at the reserve and would like everyone's help to make this work.  Consequently all dogs in the meadows must be kept on leads at all times. This is in line with The Trust's new Dogs Policy, and will take effect from 18 May 2016. Commercial dog walkers will no longer be allowed to operate on the reserve.
Please note that the Nature Reserve is private land with no public footpaths or right of access. The public footpaths border the reserve only. Access is by kind permission of the landowner and the Wildlife Trust. Keeping dogs on leads in the meadows is a condition of this permitted access. Dogs will still be permitted off-lead in the Nature Reserve wood next to Stonebridge Lane (Ansett's Wood) as well as the public footpaths in the surrounding countryside (dogs should still be close to their owner, in sight and come-to command).

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