Allotments, Cemetery & Environment Sub Committee

The Allotments, Cemetery & Environment (ACE) sub committee of the Fulbourn Parish Council consists of at least 5 of the 15 Council members.

Allotments – the Parish Council provides allotments for the benefit of parishioners. At the present time we are not able to satisfy the demand for more allotments but we are actively addressing the problem and hope to find a solution.

Cemetery – a part time custodian is employed to carry out regular grass cutting, ground maintenance, such as levelling sunken graves and keeping the cemetery tidy and attractive. Outside contractors are employed for heavy or specialist work. For  further information and the latest fees, Please click here Fees 2022 10

Grass cutting – during the past few years the Parish Council had had to take over more responsibility from the County and District Councils. We now employ a contractor to cut the grassed areas 14 times annually and the verges on the main approach roads 3 times annually.

Public open spaces – there are many areas of the parish which require annual maintenance other than grass cutting such as tree and shrub pruning, undergrowth clearance, weed suppression and the occasional tree felling or replanting. Poor Well, The Haven, Tuppeny Green and Huntsmill are typical examples. A full specification and schedule for the annual maintenance of these areas was introduced in 2006.

Other responsibilities – the Committee liaises with County and District Councils where ditches, litter bins and overgrown areas are their responsibility.

Sub Committee Members

* Sub Committee Chair

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