Planning Applications

Appeals in progress:
Location:       97 Speedwell Close
Proposal:      Move the garden fence towards the pavement to align with property boundaries.

Location:       49 Station Road
Proposal:      Single storey front, side and rear extensions, roof extension to create one and half storey with front and rear dormer windows.

Appeal Decision:
Location:       25 Home End
Proposal:      Demolition of existing single storey bungalow, garage and various outbuildings and the erection of 2 no semi-detached houses and 1 no bungalow.        Appeal Dismissed.

Prior Approval Refused:
Location:         Verge at Capital Park, Cambridge Road
Proposal:         Installation of 1 no. 20m telecommunications streetworks pole, 1 no. equipment cabinet, 1 no. meter cabinet and associated ancillary development.

Refused Permission:
23/02662/FUL – 22 School Lane
21/02101/FUL – Land adjacent to Nursing Home, Pierce Lane.

Discharge Condition in Full:
23/01235/CONDA, 15 Church Lane – Submission of details required by Condition 5 (Damp Proofing and Material for the Ceiling) of Listed Building Application 23/01235/LBC.

23/01709/HFUL – 8 Speedwell Close
23/01835/HFUL – 12 Impett’s Lane
23/02697/FUL – Station Yard, Unit 7, Wilbraham Road
23/02891/FUL – 29 Apthorpe Street

Consultation on application for Removal or Variation of a Condition (Section 73):
Location:         CPC 3, Capital Park, Cambridge Road
Proposal:         S73 to vary Condition 2 (Approved plans) of planning permission 22/05583/FUL (Creation of new internal commercial floor space at ground and first floors, modifications to the building elevations, reconfiguration of external areas and installation of plant at ground and roof level) Relocation of the seven car park spaces from the west, to be consolidated with the existing car park area to the east, Relocation of the approved cycle store eastward within the car park to the east, Removal of six trees, to be replaced by six trees, a pedestrian path projecting westwards, towards CPC 1 & 2, which is adjacent to the car park access, pedestrian path to the building entrance, Demolition of existing courtyard wall and Revision of revolving door to vestibule.

Withdrawn application:
Location:         2 Home End
Proposal:        Certificate of Lawfulness under S192 for the installation of Solar panels on double garage roof.

Information only:
Location:         Ida Darwin Hospital, Fulbourn Old Drift
Proposal:        Submission of details required by Condition 13 (Surface Finishes) of Reserved Matters application 20/05199/REM.

Location:         14 The Maples
Proposal:        Submission of details required by Condition 3 (Material Samples) of planning permission 20/04006/HFUL.

Location:         Fernleigh Farm, Teversham Road
Proposal:        Certificate of Lawfulness under S192 for confirmation that units 1 to 7 can lawfully be used for the display or retail sale of goods and/or the sale of food and drink for consumption on the premises within Class E(a) and E(b).

Location:         Land at Teversham Road
Proposal:        Non material amendment on application S/3290/19/RM for: 1. Support legs added to 1st floor balconies to avoid having to cantilever. 2. Rafter feet removed from eaves details. 3. Glass balustrading omitted for metal balustrade with vertical bars. 4. Chimneys removed from plots which are not located along the main spine roads. 5. Roof lights added over communal stairwells. 6. Brick garden walls omitted for close board fence where they are not located along a spine road. 7. External door swings flipped. 8. Openable sidelights added to French doors where the unit does not have sufficient windows to provide purge ventilation without opening doors. 9. Apartment blocks A & B elongated by 328mm. 10. Block C1 internally reconfigured to enable separate accesses. Additional FEDs added. 11. Stone sills removed from rear elevations. 12. Block B reconfigured to omit plot 46 private stair. 13. Plot 1 (show home) single garage omitted for double, plot rotated and shifted to provide a more usable space between house and garage.

Location:         16 Dogget Lane
Proposal:        Certificate of Lawfulness under S192 for conversion of existing conservatory to form habitable dwelling space.

Location:         CPC 1 and CPC 2, Capital Park, Cambridge Road
Proposal:        Submission of details required by Condition 14 (Surface Water Run Off) of planning permission 23/00413/FUL.

Location:         Barnsbury Stables, Cox’s Drove
Proposal:        Submission of details required by Conditions 4 (Foul Water Drainage), 5 (Energy Statement) and 6 (Water Efficiency) of planning permission 23/00669/FUL.

New Applications:
Location:         2 Huntsmill
Proposal:        Retrospective installation of solar panels to roofs.

Location:         Land adjacent to 14 Dogget Lane
Proposal:        Erection of two four bedroom, predominantly one and a half storey detached dwellings with associated landscaping and infrastructure works.

Location:         1 Weston Grove
Proposal:        Single storey front and part single storey, part two storey side and rear extensions (Re-submission of 23/02599/HFUL).

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