Places of Worship

St Vigor’s Church

Fulbourn and the Wilbrahams Parish Churches


Rev. Alice Goodman

The Rectory, Apthorpe Street

Parish Assistant:

Mrs Helen Shannont

Twelve, High Street, Fulbourn

Church Wardens:

Mr David Gant

Dr Anita Whitehead

Verger (weddings and funerals):

Miss Mary Chaplin

Licenced Lay Ministers:

Mr Steve Mashford

Mr Andrew Deller

PCC Secretary

Nick Toovey

19 Cow Lane, Fulbourn

United Reformed Church


Rev. Nigel Uden

Church Secretary, Carole Scullion

Fulbourn URC, Home End, Fulbourn, CB21 5BS

Roman Catholic Church


Rt Rev. Msgr Eugene Harkness

St Philip Howard Church Centre, Walpole Road, Cambridge

Other Contacts


Centre and Shop. 12 High Street, Fulbourn

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