Communications, Scrutiny and Policies Sub Committee

The Communications, Scrutiny and Policies Sub Committee of Fulbourn Parish Council consists of 4 of the 15 Council members.

The Communications, Scrutiny and Policies sub committee was set up in May 2018 replacing the former Communications Sub Committee originally set up in 2010 to further communicate between parishioners, the Parish Council, local authorities, the Police, the Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), local businesses and other relevant parties.

The aims of the group are to:

  • set up a new web site to ensure everyone visiting the site has the most up to date information available and can link with doctors, clubs, societies etc
  • produce FPC leaflets quarterly containing current news and distribute to every household
  • produce a village ‘Guide’ every four years and distribute to every household
  • identify new sites for Parish notice boards and general village notice boards
  • work with clubs and societies to pass more information to the PC and the village correspondent
  • develop contacts with the Cambridge News to ensure better coverage of local events and news
  • set up any other measures deemed necessary for communicating to parishioners and others work with the Mill Church magazine to produce a combined church and village monthly publication to reflect the interests of the whole village

Sub Committee Members

* Sub Committee Chair

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