Highways Sub Committee

The Highways sub committee of Fulbourn Parish Council consists of up to 6 members of the 15 Council members.

The committee meets to discuss issues relating to paths, roads, verges, street ‘furniture’, bus shelters, lighting and associated matters, which are then reported back to full council with recommendations for further action. The majority of these issues need to be referred to Cambs County Council Highways department (CCC), but other agencies include South Cambs District Council (SCDC), Cambridge Water Company (CWC), Anglian Water and others that we deal with ourselves from our precept funding.

From early 2007, we condensed correspondence on all outstanding matters into a single spreadsheet, which with the cooperation of the CCC highways department, established a format that enables all parties to readily cross reference items by a job number and monitor progress within the one file; without confusion from layers of dispersed paper work. Copies of the full list of jobs requested during the term of the current Parish Council, or alternatively, the list of outstanding jobs, are available for download as pdf documents. (for the full list click here) (pdf for outstanding jobs).

Unfortunately, the highways department has suffered serious financial cutbacks in both the past and the current tax years and so certain works remain outstanding. Small maintenance works are now being realised, however, as can be seen in the work file, the larger works have yet to be done.

This leaves us with speeding problems, particularly on 3 of the 5 entrances into the village. The full Parish Council, along with our County Councillor John Williams, are working with the County Traffic Department to try and find measures to address these. On a day to day basis, highway issues are fielded by the Parish Clerk and Chair of the Highways Committee, who contact and work with the relevant authorities as required.

Sub Committee Members

* Sub Committee Chair

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