Planning Sub Committee

The Planning sub committee of Fulbourn Parish Council consists of all Council members.


This covers two main areas, strategic and local issues. As many of you know Fulbourn Parish Council is asked for comments on all planning applications received for Fulbourn. In addition, the Parish Council is asked for comments on strategic issues relating to Planning, such as the Local Development Framework for the area. Sometimes the County Council and City Council ask for our comments on some of their planning issues.

The strategic issues relate to the overall planning policies which are determined by the Government and implemented by the County Council and District Councils. Such policies are laid out in Structure Plans and Local Development Frameworks. These are decided, following consultation periods, and run for a number of years. Once one plan is in operation, work starts on the next plan, so it is an ongoing process. Fulbourn Parish Council follows the progress of the plans and keeps the village informed of major issues affecting the village. Further information can be found on the websites for the County and District councils.

Local issues relate to planning applications which affect the village. The Parish Council does NOT make planning decisions. Such applications are determined by South Cambridgeshire District Council. Parish Councils are sent copies of plans relating to their Parish and asked to comment on them. This enables the Parish Councils to express local views and look to see what the impact may have on neighbouring properties and area.

If you wish to see plans you can do this by contacting the Parish Council Clerk or visit South Cambridgeshire District Council at Cambourne. If you wish your views to be taken into account, the best practice is to write to South Cambridgeshire District Council (quoting the Planning Application Number) and send a copy of this letter to the Parish Council.

Notice of plans received and planning meetings are posted on the village notice boards and also on the Parish Council website.

Planning Applications

Response to SCDC regarding gypsy and traveller site consultation (October 2009) (pdf).

Sub Committee Members

* Sub Committee Chair

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