Youth Sub Committee

The Youth sub committee of the Fulbourn Parish Council consists of up to 6 members of the 15 Council members.

Fulbourn Action for Youth (FA4Y) – this was formed in 2006 with 4 trustees, 2 from the Parish Council, and attained charitable status in 2010. It was formed to support youth related activities in Fulbourn, which includes the youth club, and meets in the old Institute Building on the recreation ground. Over recent years there have been a series of cuts to funding in statutory youth services, and a drive towards targeted rather than universal provision, which has put the future of open access youth clubs at risk. This means the role of FA4Y in supporting local provision has developed and its role in securing external funding and managing local facilities has become even more important.

A youth development co-ordinator based in Bottisham meets with the trustees. A programme of activities is now in place aimed at engaging with disaffected youngsters and liaison with young people takes place through the youth workers in Bottisham Village College. This has been expanded to include Netherhall and St Bedes schools as well as through the detached programme.

FA4Y organises and hosts regular partnership meetings through Fulbourn Multi-Agency Group, which involves a range of members interested in supporting children, young people and families in the village,eg FA4Y trustees, youth workers, Police, South Cambs District Councillors and officers, our County Councillor, Fulbourn Primary School, Bottisham Village College, the Churches, Parish Councillors as well as residents. This group looks at problems and solutions relating to young people.

Contact Details

Locality Youth Work Co-Ordinator (Bottisham Burwell & Soham)
The Lode Youth & Community Centre
Soham Village College
Sand Street

Tel: 01353 725896


Mrs A D Andrews
Mr R Drage
Mrs C Scullion

Tel: 01223 506033

Sub Committee Members

* Sub Committee Chair

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